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This sounded SO much easier when those crooks on the radio do it [Open]

Characters: Team Fail (Doc and Holly), Isako, and anyone who wants to log out kicking some fail ass
Content: Team Fail thinks they got this all figured out. The crew of the 4423 has other ideas.
Setting: Licere; a cabin by the lake
Time: Ass kickin' time. Sometime during the day. Team Fail isn't smart enough to make it a mysterious nighttime drop off.
Warnings: FAIL
Notes: ANNE, if you want to log out Mamma and Holly drop out then make a separate comment here and I'll reply, but we can handwave it if need be. Everyone else? I'll be posting up Isako right after this post is made. Reply to her.

"Hurry it up, Holly!" Doc yelled at him for the tenth or so time. No, it was definitely the eleventh time now. He had been counting.

"Why don't you try dragging her!" Holly snapped back. Didn't Doc see he was at his wit's end here?! He really didn't like any kind of menial labor, but just look at the sort of work he was reduced to! It was awful. Simply awful! Especially with this little kid digging in her heels and refusing to move. Casting a glance at Isako's face, he gulped and look away as quickly as possible. He didn't care how harmless Doc said she was; this girl looked scary enough!

Doc herself wasn't concerned with such things. She just wanted to get the job done and get the money as soon as possible. Not that beating up the little punk a little hadn't been satisfying, but playtime was over. She had business to do.

"Just put her over there," she said finally. Holly was happy to oblige her. He would be happy to get rid of this kid, too. No more dragging around some wild animal who wanted to bite him! He wouldn't be surprised if she tried at this point.

"Keep her there, out of sight until my signal," Doc said as she as she moved to the door, preparing to leave the captain. As an after thought she turned to give Holly one last order. "Oh, and make sure that back door is locked!"
Tags: anthy himemiya, daisukenojo "beat" bito, reno harkin, shinji hirako, ≠ muguruma kensei, ≠ yuuko "isako" amasawa
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