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Characters: The fighters of the Winding Way and a few off the Fiertia
Content: Get in there and find those kids!
Setting: Inside Grita's castle
Time: Right before Long Night!
Notes: Okay, this is going to work a little differently than last time. The primary goal is finding the kids -- I will provide NPCs to subdue as needed. Feel free to NPC some minor smackdowns amongst yourselves.

The hangar the fighters landed in was made entirely of pale stone. Torches with blue flames burned in the walls, illuminating several doors leading out of the large room.

Ichigo had ferried everyone down, and now stood in the hangar, looking at the doors. They'd have to split up. The search would be more efficient that way.

"All right!" he called. "Whether or not you find anyone, I want everyone back in this hangar in three hours! You got that? If we haven't found the kids by then, we'll regroup and try again." He hefted Zangetsu over his shoulder and turned towards one of the doors. "All right! Let's get going!"

He kept his hands well away from his chest. The chalk marks that Watanuki had put there had eased the pain a bit, but he still knew that something was there, something that shouldn't be. But he couldn't worry about that now. What was more important was worrying about the kids, and whether or not they were still alive. They had pushed it close, very close. If Grita's estimate of a month was correct, then the kids only had a few more days.

I promised I'd be back.
Tags: kurosaki ichigo, mimino kurumi, utena tenjou, zeetha, ≠ don quixote, ≠ monkey d. luffy, ≠ riku tenebrae, ≠ sora visitae
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