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Ichigo Kurosaki

Sitting on a bed or lying wide awake, there's demons in my head and it's more than I can take [OPEN]

Characters: Ichigo's hollow and OPEN
Content: There's a nasty inner demon in Ichigo's soul, taking advantage of Long Night to take over and run around causing trouble. It wants to fight and eat -- and this thing eats souls.
Setting: All over the Winding Way
Time: Long Night
Notes: As I mentioned in the OOC post, if your spiritual energy is high, Ichigo's hollow will probably seek you out. However, if it spots someone, it probably won't just let them walk away, especially if they are important to Ichigo. There are plans for taking this thing down, and they will happen in one thread, but if you want to fight it, get chased by it, or rescue someone else, go for it!

Being in control felt great. The hollow just couldn't keep the grin off its face as it paced through the corridors of the ship, relishing the feel of walking through the halls itself, rather than seeing it through Ichigo's eyes. It knew there were people here it could fight, and more people with strong spiritual energy. It would find them. As long as it was in control, it might as well have some fun, right? Yeah. It was hungry, and not just for souls. It craved battle. And those with the tastiest souls would probably be the strongest, right? It could feel the pulse of powerful reiatsu around the ship.

Grinning, it headed toward the nearest one.

Ichigo's eyes were all black, now. All but the pupils -- they were gold. A bone-white mask partially covered the face, though it was growing larger, covering more. The twisted smirk was still very visible.

There were strong people on this ship, but none as strong as it.

This would be fun.

Tags: braska, kimihiro watanuki, kurosaki ichigo, mimino kurumi, yoshiya "joshua" kiryu, ≠ don quixote, ≠ l lawliet, ≠ maes hughes, ≠ monkey d. luffy, ≠ vash the stampede
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