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meaningful log title [open]

Characters: Ichigo and anyone who wants to spar with him.
Setting: Apparently, the Amestris has a pretty boss training room. Ichigo's taking advantage of this. FOR ONCE, A FIGHT LOG THAT DOESN'T TAKE PLACE ON THE DECK.
Time: Let's put this the day before the variety show, eh?
Warnings: May contain fantasy cannibalism It's a fighting log, what do you think? Also language from Ichigo.

He'd only discovered the training room recently. It was a pretty good place -- though Ichigo was less interested in weights and more interested in punching bags, its best feature for him was a good open floor area where he could spar without too much of a problem. He'd left his real blade in his cabin, since he wasn't fighting to the death here. Wooden swords would do fine.

He wasn't going to tell Watanuki this, mostly because Ichigo was reluctant to believe it himself, but he'd been restless lately. It wasn't that Ichigo minded long periods of peace. He had them on the Winding Way, and that was fine. But the Winding Way and the Amestris...they were different. They had different people on them. Different captains. Different missions. A different feel. Hanging out on the Winding Way was like chilling with a bunch of close friends. This ship...it was full of military personnel and dignitaries, neither of which Ichigo was inclined to trust.

Really, it wasn't so bad. Talking with Watanuki, and with Zeetha, and even running into Ishida every once in a while was good. It was just because he'd been used to action-packed ships like the 4423 and Serenity, and hadn't gone this long without a fight in a long time. But the fact that Ichigo was missing the action at all was an unsettling implication. Did it mean he'd forgotten how to spend time peacefully, without fighting? Was the Winding Way so long ago?

And the worst part was, he couldn't pin this on the influence of his hollow.

But hey, it was just him worrying about whether his skills would get rusty or not, right? And from the sounds of it, there were people on this ship willing to train with him. All he had to do was wait for them to show up.
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