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Ichigo Kurosaki

the fog on the streetlight slowly thins [closed]

Characters: Ichigo and Watanuki (and maybe eventually Rikku)
Content: Ichigo got a distress call from Rukia and is headed back into town. He almost died last time he went in. Watanuki is not pleased.
Setting: Gangplank of the Amestris
Time: Long Night: after this thread and this thread, but before this thread and this thread. Basically, after Ichigo and Watanuki get lured out into town and come back, but before Rukia's distress call and Ichigo's subsequent self-guilt-trip and his encounters with everyone else. Busy busy.
Warnings: ...the "dere" part of their tsundere. Let's just...leave it at that.

After he'd heard her accidental post on the network, Ichigo knew there was no helping it. He was going in again. Grabbing only his sword and a lantern, he lit it as best he could as he took off for the main deck. He had to hurry, Rukia was in trouble, and while Ichigo knew she could take care of himself...he also knew what that town was like. Even if he didn't understand exactly what it did, it was bad and there was no way Rukia was prepared for it. Hell, Ichigo wasn't prepared for it.

That was why he was tearing through the ship as fast as he could (steadfastly refusing to take his ring off. Despite the speed-boost it would give him, he couldn't remove it no matter what. It was too dangerous), skidding out onto the main deck. The gangplank was down there, the road to Antrim beyond. He paused for a moment, looking out at it. Well...here goes.
Tags: kimihiro watanuki, kurosaki ichigo, rikku dalabane
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