Kimihiro Watanuki (flailingbento) wrote in theskytides,
Kimihiro Watanuki

[run fast for your mother and fast for your father]

Characters: Ichigo, Utena, and Watanuki
Content: Utena and Ichigo, having been held up at the castle, have finally come back to the ship. A DRAMATIC REUNION ENSUES.
Setting: The hangar of the Convoy
Time: midmorning
Warnings: Shouting! Flailing! Drama! Epic dere!

For the first time possibly ever, Watanuki's worry was beyond what cleaning could help assuage. Worry meant a lack of control, and a lack of control meant taking care of what he could control-- and that meant when the world came down, he reached for the mop first.

But this was different. This time the world really was coming down. This time the coastline was changed, an unshakable piece of reality was lost to the world beneath the clouds, and on top of it all Ichigo was gone. There was no telling if he was another piece of the world lost to the quake, and the silence left Watanuki too frantic even to clean. In the kitchen it was too quiet, too easy to think of everything that could have happened to him and Utena-- to remember that all the other planes had come back.

And so he was here in the hangar, alternating sitting on the cold ground with nervous pacing, watching too closely the hangar door, wishing it would open to admit the last plane. Being here couldn't possibly speed the process, and it only brought the fear of disappointment closer, but he couldn't think of another place to go. Some part of him didn't want to inflict his worrying on the rest of the crew; another part simply wasn't sure he could convince them that he was all right. Not this time.
Tags: kimihiro watanuki, kurosaki ichigo, utena tenjou
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