Ichigo Kurosaki (flight_15) wrote in theskytides,
Ichigo Kurosaki

Since I've been meaning to put up an open Convoy log for him for forever... [open]

Characters: Ichigo Kurosaki and anyone who hasn't passed out yet
Content: Someone's had a bit to drink, and is having trouble locating his room. Come troll the hell out of him help him out TROLL HIM
Setting: All over the Convoy
Time: Late Amicus night, after the most somber party ever
Warnings: Language, moodswings (possibly to the dere side of Ichigo's tsundere scale if he likes you), Ichigo's brain-mouth filter being entirely off, possibly shenanigans

Dammit. He was drunk, wasn't he? He didn't feel drunk (and Ichigo knew what drunk felt like), but it was either that or someone had moved the hallway that led to his cabin, and the first was much more likely.

He had to sober up and find his way back. Ichigo was dead tired after a long, long day, and he didn't feel like passing out in some hallway. Not only was it embarrassing (and dangerous on a ship he didn't know everyone on), but knowing that Milk was on the ship meant he'd likely wake up with a mustache drawn on his face if he was lucky, and blue hair if he wasn't.

The pilot didn't look drunk. He was walking straight, and his eyes were only slightly unfocused. Only someone who knew him well would be able to tell that something wasn't quite right.

That door looked likely. It didn't look like a cabin door, but this was logically where his cabin should be. Ichigo reached for it anyway. Did it lead to the engine room? Or maybe the hangar this time? The kitchen? Or would he wind up staring into another supply closet? He'd find out in a moment.
Tags: gaara, hisoka kurosaki, kimihiro watanuki, kurosaki ichigo, mimino kurumi
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