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Optimus Prime

I've been abusing this icon through this whole event [closed]

Characters: Prime and Bee
Content: Instead of drinking with the crew, they're going to keep the energon out of Hex's reach and reminisce about old times by themselves.
Setting: Prime's quarters, eventually
Time: Amicus evening, same time as the shipwide drinking log
Warnings: ....this is not the most lighthearted log. Other than that, it's pretty G.

It had been a hard day for everyone. Prime had spent it going about bolstering the spirits of his crew as best he could, but when evening came, and Pip organized the gathering in the mess hall...the captain hesitated at the door. He felt he ought to go, and yet...he was weary. He had accepted in his spark that he had done the right thing, and the doubts and second-guessing that plagued him had gone quiet for the moment, but...

He let out a long sigh. It was not that he was afraid to face his crew, or even ashamed. It was that he himself had not had the time or space to think about all this on his own. He would send out search teams tomorrow morning, but for now...both he and the crew needed an evening to mourn.

So Optimus Prime stood outside the door to the Convoy's mess hall, alone.

Tags: bumblebee, optimus prime
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