Reno (electro_phoenix) wrote in theskytides,


Characters: Reno and Anko
Content: Reno's gift to Anko for Amicus? Booze, chocolate, and a red rose. Anko's reaction? Well....
Setting: Reno's cabin, more than likely
Time: A day or so after the lake explosion
Warnings: Language.

Normally, after pulling a stunt like that, Reno would have had a sense of doom. After all, there was no way Anko was going to simply except the gifts and go on.

For once, though, he found he really didn't give a damn. Maybe it was him finally acting his age and manning up to the fact that, yeah, he was probably in love with the damn ninja, but Reno just didn't care that Anko was very likely going to try and kill him.

If she did, though, he hoped she'd at least let him finish his drink.
Tags: anko mitarashi, reno harkin
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