Kimihiro Watanuki (flailingbento) wrote in theskytides,
Kimihiro Watanuki

[Ich liebe dich, mich reizt deine schöne Gestalt]

Characters: Kimihiro Watanuki, Low Key Lyesmith, Ichigo Kurosaki, WHOEVER'S GOT A HANKERING TO RESCUE THE DAMSEL
Content: Ring or no ring, Watanuki cannot just take a goddamn walk about town.
Setting: Garrettstown, shortly pre-snake!
Warnings: Abduction! Violence! Creepiness! GIANT FUCKING SNAKES! Basically everything that comes with Low Key's existence!

The fugitives had left the ship, and Watanuki had left with them-- Not to make port elsewhere, as they had, but simply to escape the confines of the ship for awhile. There was too much activity there, and too many reminders of pain and fear that were still achingly close, both for him and for many of his crewmates.

The mood in Garrettstown was little brighter, but at least here he could distract himself with activity. He was here under the pretext of resupplying. A piece of the continent might have fallen, but a hungry crew still needed to eat. (It was a guiltless enterprise, as the kitchen really did need it, and extra comfort food was never a bad thing in times like this. Food was, he supposed, all he could provide in the way of help right now.)

He moved through the market slowly, examining the produce carefully and allowing himself not to rush for once. He had plenty of time to get back, after all. It wasn't like there was anything terribly important for him to be doing on the ship, or like there was anything likely to delay him here.
Tags: kimihiro watanuki, low key lyesmith
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