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honey I'm gonna make it out alive [open]

Characters: Anyone from the Convoy
Content: Time to keep the biggest sky serpent ever from squeezing Reial like a grape.
Setting: Outside of Garrettstown.
Time: Shortly before Serenity's rescue mission
Notes: The organization post is here. There will be one thread for each dragon, and pilots/other fliers are encouraged to start their own threads. Though signups to ride in on a dragon NPC are closed, if you still want in on aerial combat, there are several pilots on the ship who you can coordinate with. In addition, there will be a thread for ground pounders to attack the snake's body while the head is occupied. Any questions can be directed to the coordination post.

The dragons were waiting outside for those who wished to go into combat with them. The four were long-necked and long-tailed, twenty feet long, and of varying colors: one blue, one green, one red, and one a purple-pink. There was space for a few passengers where their necks met their bodies. Spiny ridges along the neck itself provided handholds, and if one's legs were strong enough, they could grip the sides of the dragon's back and neck.

They had to hurry. The serpent's head was already visible as a dark, rapidly-growing shape in the distance.
Tags: gaara, iroh, kuro, mimino kurumi, pip bernadette, sam linnfer, sara werec, utena tenjou
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