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Great Big Log of Noncombatant Humanitarian Aid

Characters: Anyone from the Convoy, Serenity and Amestris
Content: Helping the injured, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, all that good stuff.
Setting: Garrettstown, the mountains south of Garrettstown, or various places in the southeast. As a reminder, a map is here.
Time: After the world snake dies and each ship's announcement of their plans.
Notes: Remember, the Convoy and the Amestris are heading for the south, while Serenity is in the Garrettstown/mountains area. However, if you want your character to be in a different location than the rest of their ship, it's easy enough to handwave them hitching a ride to the area with another humanitarian ship, or even coordinate it with a pilot. ALSO, individual locations will have threads in the comments. Feel free to start as many threads as you like under each location.

The air of fear was palpable. Those who were not strong enough to fight the monsters could only run. Hide. Hope. Fear. They didn't understand what was happening: why had the southeastern corner of the continent gone up in smoke? Why had a sky-serpent the size of Reial appeared? Why were they being attacked by monsters? Why was the very ground shaking underneath their feet?

Even those who could defend themselves couldn't stop the earth tremors. Landslides and collapsed buildings were a looming threat. Some people were trapped there. Others were injured survivors of monster attacks. Base camps had been set up near the major cities, ready with first aid, food and other supplies for those displaced by the catastrophes. The Amestris, Serenity and Convoy were not alone in their attempts to help the inhabitants of the Badlands, but there weren't nearly as many ships or supplies as the area needed. Every little bit helped.
Tags: ariane emory, deanna troi, fox mccloud, hisoka kurosaki
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