Ariane Emory (myworknotme) wrote in theskytides,
Ariane Emory

Sure the world is going to hell... [Closed]

Characters: Ariane Emory and Iroh
Content: Both ships are out in the same area, so Iroh comes to visit his tsundere love interest the acting Captain of the Amestris.
Setting: Ari's quarters on the Amestris.
Time: Evening, the day that the Convoy arrives near Shashta.
Warnings: TBA, though will likely be just extreme sappiness, tsun, and lots of coffee and tea. Possibly a backrub.

The days only seemed to get longer of late. Ari had the experience and the drive necessary to act as Captain of the ship, but in a continent-wide disaster like this one, that meant that she was forever busy. The crew had been wonderful about keeping their trivial problems to themselves and all pulling together to help where they could, and for that, she was grateful.

Even so, she'd been getting far less sleep than she knew that she really should have been. Long years of staying up for a day or two at a time at Reseune were still firmly entrenched in her mind as an acceptable behavior pattern, and at most, she'd been getting five hours of sleep a night. The coffee only went so far, after all.

As she fixed herself another in a seemingly endless series of cups of tea, Ari wondered if this was even a good idea. She wasn't certain what, if anything, she wanted out of things with Iroh, though the encounter with Troi had pointed out that there was some interest that was more than either lust or frustration and annoyance. He'd left her a message a few hours ago that the Convoy had landed, and she'd given him instructions for finding her quarters in return. All there was to do now was to wait, and try not to fall asleep.
Tags: ariane emory, iroh
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