THE SKY TIDES NPC JOURNAL (tidesnpc) wrote in theskytides,

A Whole New World

Characters: Anyone and everyone from all three ships.
Content: The clouds are gone, revealing the long-sought world below.
Setting: The edge of the continent, near the blast site.
Time: After all the monsters have been fought and the ships head southeast.
Warnings: What you bring with you.

The three ships were docked at a makeshift settlement, one of many that had sprung up at intervals along Reial's coast. Half-campground, half-town, it was populated mainly by those who had come to the edge intending to look at the new frontier before them, and by entrepreneurs intending to make money off of the visitors by charging them for food and a place to stay. During the day, people could be seen standing on the edge, staring out over the great expanse below, hundreds of times larger than Reial. Though it was too far away to make anything specific out, the greens of forests, the blues of lakes and rivers, the browns of deserts, and the grays and whites of mountains could be seen. In addition, certain areas were unusually textures, and just might be cities.

At night, bonfires were lit, and the visitors would gather around them to have a good meal, a few drinks, and speculate. What had made the clouds clear up? Had it really been the giant snake that had kept the clouds in place? What was really down there? Were there people? What would they be like? How long would it take to make contact? Who wanted to explore it? What opportunities would there be? It was half a party, half a bunch of gossips, and anyone hanging around outside at night would be able to knock back a drink and hear whatever rumors they pleased.

More permanent settlements were in the process of being built. With time, a new town, or even a new city, might spring up in this place.
Tags: angelina durless (madame red), ariane emory, bumblebee, deanna troi, hijikata toshirou, hisoka kurosaki, hwang bu-ling, iroh, jenka, justin warrick, kiryuu kaoru, miles edgeworth, millie thompson, mimino kurumi, minato arisato, naoto shirogane, ness lakehaven, okita souji, othar tryggvassen, phoenix wright, pip bernadette, rikku dalabane, roxas orior, sakuraba neku, sam linnfer, sara werec, utena tenjou, yoshiya "joshua" kiryu
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