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The Sky Tides
1st-Jun-2011 10:53 pm - A Whole New World
Characters: Anyone and everyone from all three ships.
Content: The clouds are gone, revealing the long-sought world below.
Setting: The edge of the continent, near the blast site.
Time: After all the monsters have been fought and the ships head southeast.
Warnings: What you bring with you.

A hundred thousand things to seeCollapse )
24th-May-2011 11:42 pm - [open]
hichi!tee hee hee, hichi!it's raping time
Characters: Hollow Ichigo and anyone who sees Watanuki's post and decides to help.
Content: Ichigo won. Trouble is, he's not quite himself anymore.
Setting: The same shounen desert as the Bradley fight log immediately preceding this one.
Time: Right after the aforementioned log.
Warnings: Hollow Ichigo being a creeper, violence, whatever else you bring with you. Really, it's up to you how this goes.

Evil Me Scares MeCollapse )
21st-May-2011 02:21 am - [closed]
all colour but the black
Characters: Bradley, Ichigo, Watanuki
Content: SHOUNEN BOSSFIGHT. Unfortunately, the cost of victory is dear.
Setting: The desert where all the greatest shounen fights take place in the southern Badlands.
Time: Not too long after Optimus Prime's post and final log.
Warnings: Even more character death

Read moreCollapse )
17th-May-2011 12:08 am - and we will be as one people [open]
and somewhere to hide
Characters: Optimus Prime and anyone who comes looking for him
Content: He has some last words and an ancient artifact to bestow.
Setting: Southeastern Reial, a desert plain not too far from Claiborne
Time: Right after this post.
Warnings: Character death.

we will know that the fate of one is the fate of allCollapse )
if it's the last thing i do
Characters: Kaoru, not-very-conscious bodies, anyone in the Garrettstown area not otherwise occupied
Content: Maybe she had needed backup.
Setting: Just outside of Garrettstown
Time: About two hours after Kaoru first left Serenity in search of Bright
Warnings: NOT AS PLANNED, grievous bodily harm, Kaoru. Okay, listing characters as their own warnings is getting old after all these years, but come on. It's tradition by now.

Easy target, lock, can we just, just get it over with?Collapse )
Characters: Deanna and our favorite neighborhood impostor. Other characters involved in his capture may show up later.
Content: There's a pesky shapeshifter chained up in the brig. It's time to get some answers.
Setting: The brig of the Amestris.
Time: Shortly after Bradley went AWOL
Warnings: Torture, references to death and violence

You don't mind, do you?Collapse )
Characters: Ariane Emory and Iroh
Content: Both ships are out in the same area, so Iroh comes to visit his tsundere love interest the acting Captain of the Amestris.
Setting: Ari's quarters on the Amestris.
Time: Evening, the day that the Convoy arrives near Shashta.
Warnings: TBA, though will likely be just extreme sappiness, tsun, and lots of coffee and tea. Possibly a backrub.

...but there's always time for tea!Collapse )
Characters: Everyone in the Badlands fighting!
Content: The Badlands is being attacked by monsters! And children!
Setting: Various places in the Badlands, plus the Convoy itself for gunners and powder monkeys
Notes: Remember, the Convoy and the Amestris are heading for the south, while Serenity is in the Garrettstown/mountains area. However, if you want your character to be in a different location than the rest of their ship, it's easy enough to handwave them hitching a ride to the area with another ship, or even coordinate it with a pilot. ALSO, individual locations will have threads in the comments. Feel free to start as many threads as you like under each one. Players are welcome to NPC the monsters themselves, but if you would like a mod to NPC them, don't hesitate to ask!

Try not to dieCollapse )
Characters: Anyone from the Convoy, Serenity and Amestris
Content: Helping the injured, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, all that good stuff.
Setting: Garrettstown, the mountains south of Garrettstown, or various places in the southeast. As a reminder, a map is here.
Time: After the world snake dies and each ship's announcement of their plans.
Notes: Remember, the Convoy and the Amestris are heading for the south, while Serenity is in the Garrettstown/mountains area. However, if you want your character to be in a different location than the rest of their ship, it's easy enough to handwave them hitching a ride to the area with another humanitarian ship, or even coordinate it with a pilot. ALSO, individual locations will have threads in the comments. Feel free to start as many threads as you like under each location.

Read more...Collapse )
hangman standing on a twisted 2 by 4
Characters: Sam Linnfer and Low Key Lyesmith
Content: GOD BATTLE. Or super-powered demihuman battle. Or something.
Setting: Outside of Garrettstown.
Time: Late afternoon, after the sky-snake's death.
Warnings: TBA

not sure why I live in endless fright, doomed to love only myself forevermoreCollapse )
Characters: Anyone from the Convoy
Content: Time to keep the biggest sky serpent ever from squeezing Reial like a grape.
Setting: Outside of Garrettstown.
Time: Shortly before Serenity's rescue mission
Notes: The organization post is here. There will be one thread for each dragon, and pilots/other fliers are encouraged to start their own threads. Though signups to ride in on a dragon NPC are closed, if you still want in on aerial combat, there are several pilots on the ship who you can coordinate with. In addition, there will be a thread for ground pounders to attack the snake's body while the head is occupied. Any questions can be directed to the coordination post.

so kiss me goodbye, I can see the venom in their eyesCollapse )
Characters: The crew of Serenity
Content: Rescue mission in a dock warehouse!
Setting: A warehouse on the outskirts of Bydan
Time: Evening
Warnings: Violence

I've got a message for you that you better believeCollapse )
get a haircut
Characters: Kimihiro Watanuki, Low Key Lyesmith, Ichigo Kurosaki, WHOEVER'S GOT A HANKERING TO RESCUE THE DAMSEL
Content: Ring or no ring, Watanuki cannot just take a goddamn walk about town.
Setting: Garrettstown, shortly pre-snake!
Warnings: Abduction! Violence! Creepiness! GIANT FUCKING SNAKES! Basically everything that comes with Low Key's existence!

[und bist du nicht willig, so brauch ich Gewalt]Collapse )
30th-Mar-2011 01:24 pm - Do spiders smile? [Closed]
All yours base r belong 2 me
Characters: Ariane Emory and Deanna Troi
Content:  A continuation of their adventures after leaving Shasta, in which Deanna discusses the price of her assistance, and Ari linefaces.
Setting:  Deanna's quarters on the Amestris
Time: Immediately after this thread
Warnings: Mindgames, telepathy, general sadism and enjoyment of making people squirm. Girl on girl kisses and things.

If they did, they would look like this.Collapse )
23rd-Mar-2011 01:56 pm - Warning: System Crash... [Open]
Every face

Characters: Hex and anyone on the Convoy who wants to check on her.
Content: Hex Infected the network, downloaded a whole bunch of info, and went offline. She'll be waking up soon to explain what she found out
Setting: Hex's quarters, Convoy
Time: After her post
Warnings: ...Crazy Lady? Now with Info!

Does not computeCollapse )
17th-Mar-2011 04:03 pm - [Closed]
Turn Away
Characters: Reno and Anko
Content: Reno's gift to Anko for Amicus? Booze, chocolate, and a red rose. Anko's reaction? Well....
Setting: Reno's cabin, more than likely
Time: A day or so after the lake explosion
Warnings: Language.

-----<@Collapse )
and somewhere to hide
Characters: Prime and Bee
Content: Instead of drinking with the crew, they're going to keep the energon out of Hex's reach and reminisce about old times by themselves.
Setting: Prime's quarters, eventually
Time: Amicus evening, same time as the shipwide drinking log
Warnings: ....this is not the most lighthearted log. Other than that, it's pretty G.

brobot bonding timeCollapse )
put that the hell away
Characters: Ichigo Kurosaki and anyone who hasn't passed out yet
Content: Someone's had a bit to drink, and is having trouble locating his room. Come troll the hell out of him help him out TROLL HIM
Setting: All over the Convoy
Time: Late Amicus night, after the most somber party ever
Warnings: Language, moodswings (possibly to the dere side of Ichigo's tsundere scale if he likes you), Ichigo's brain-mouth filter being entirely off, possibly shenanigans

who rearranged the ship?Collapse )
hanging hurt
Characters: Ichigo, Utena, and Watanuki
Content: Utena and Ichigo, having been held up at the castle, have finally come back to the ship. A DRAMATIC REUNION ENSUES.
Setting: The hangar of the Convoy
Time: midmorning
Warnings: Shouting! Flailing! Drama! Epic dere!

[The horses are coming so you better run]Collapse )
12th-Mar-2011 09:02 pm - Surprise, surprise
back turned, look away, red not pink
Characters: Miles Edgeworth and Hisoka Kurosaki
Content: Two old comrades touch base and inform the other about what's been going on in their corner of Reial
Setting: Upper deck of the Convoy; later on, Edgeworth's quarters
Time: After Hisoka and Souji land, before the drinking begins
Warnings: Possible mentions of traumatic events

The fun doesn't end!Collapse )
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