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Big Rock Candy Mountain! [Open]

Characters: The crew of the Winding Way
Content: Candy Hunting
Setting: Fricking Candy Mountain!
Time: A day or two after leaving Colvus
Warnings: Bring insulin

Candy Mountain. The stuff of rumors and dreams. Every direction you turn there is something edible and delicious, the landscape itself made up of every sort of candy you can think of. Even the clouds above are the pink shade of cotton candy, drifting by and gathering around the mountain's peak as if they were true clouds after all. The ground is a strange mix of hardened chocolate made slightly gooey by the occasional falling syrup rain and confectioners sugar snow. The Winding Way sat at the base of the mountain, which itself was made up of pieces of candy, the surface hardened but easily broken to get to the loose pieces inside. A few obvious and apparently well-worn trails tangle up the mountain, but who might have made such trails remains a mystery.

There are a few animals flying and walking about, but many of them will prove to be an illusion if smashed. A few are real, but they are impossible to distinguish without breaking them apart.

The feeling of magic is unmistakable. People who practice magic will feel it all over in their mind, their body, however they feel the presence of magic. People who are not attuned to magic will still start to notice it, especially as they move farther into the island. It might be the feeling of hair standing up on the back of their neck, or an uneasy feeling of being watched, but the feeling is there.

Candy Mountain waits, ready to be explored by anyone who would dare.

[ooc: Threads will be started up with a heading of who will be in those groups along with a little note about the direction you'll be heading. Please try to post at least once per day. If you cannot post please PM the person scheduled to go after you or Katie or Ash so that the threads can keep moving. Each group has been issued a few baskets and jars in the event of finding awesome candy. Enjoy exploring and finding some crazy candy!]
Tags: daisukenojo "beat" bito, kimihiro watanuki, kurosaki ichigo, mimino kurumi, ness lakehaven, rikku dalabane, sophie hatter, zeetha, ≠ giselle philip, ≠ ilyasviel "ilya" von einzbern, ≠ laharl, ≠ lucas tazmily, ≠ monkey d. luffy, ≠ ocelot, ≠ riku tenebrae, ≠ selphie tilmitt, ≠ shiki misaki, ≠ sora visitae, ≠ taiga fujimura, ≠ tohru honda, ≠ vash the stampede
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