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Racers, start your... chocobos? [Open]

Characters: 4423 crew
Content: The race is soon to begin, but before that the town likes to have a bit of fun. That's right, it's the amateurs race and anyone (and we mean anyone) is welcome.
Setting: Doma's chocobo track
Time: Around midday
Warnings: Chocobos are frustrating creatures. There will probably be swearing on part of the participants.
Notes: Here's how it goes down guys. One thread for racers, other threads may be used for observers.

Characters are free to enter this special amateurs race. There's no prize for winning, but there are prizes for entering: small samples of Doma's local craft. (Silk, metalwork, art, etc)

The announcer stood on a podium at the start of the racetrack, raising a megaphone to his mouth and proceeding to bellow at the audience in the stands. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Doma's Chocobo Racetrack! It's a bright and sunny day today, with perfect conditions for a good race. Be sure to make your last minute bets." He motioned to the booths nearby.

"But before we begin, it's the moment many of you have been waiting for, the Amateurs Race! Watch as complete novices attempt to direct their chocobos toward the finish line! And you could be one of those people! Just come up to the podium here if you wish to enter. You could even win a prize, just for participating. So step right up and enjoy the show! The main race will be taking place right after, so don't go anywhere."

After the announcement, people began to filter up to the podium, picking a chocobo from the enclosed pen off to the the side. The Amateur race would soon begin.
Tags: anko mitarashi, dimo, mamma gkika, okita souji, penelo galbana, pip bernadette, reno harkin, ≠ hijikata toshizou, ≠ lavi, ≠ maxim, ≠ shimada kambei, ≠ utena tenjou
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