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[OPEN] I'm busy taking stock of all the things that I've forgot—

Characters: People who're staying behind in the Victoria II~
Setting: All over the goddammed Victoria II... kinda, I guess.
Time: Later in the evening, while TACTICAL INFILTRATION ACTION is on.
Warnings: Horror! Shock! Denial all around for our unfortunate heroes and Kristoph brand of fail. And, uh. Epic trainwreck? I guess.

The cold winds of northern Ivona blew across the landscape, not cold enough to freeze anyone to death anytime soon, but certainly less than tolerable. Among those who had opted to stay behind for the infiltration mission of the Rockgala as well as the vessel’s passengers, there was nobody insane enough to come out from the warmth that the ship provided with its heaters. Why suffer in the cold outside when there was so much warmth in the inside? It was due to this kind of logic (as well as Kristoph’s own oversight, really—he though there'd be nothing that would attack the ship like this) that brought the current problem to their doorstep.

The crew member who had reported the situation to the temporary captain had only barely managed to scramble back into the inner part of the ship for safety before a giant fist crashed down to where the human had only been moments ago. Wrinkled, curved talons and claws scratched upon the metal hull of the Victoria II with a ear-breaking screech before it relaxed back into its normal position, the appendages still on the floor. Clawed feet of a monstrous size stomped upon the ship with a rather rattling shake as a low growl emanated from the beast that had landed upon the vessel.

The beast’s head was far lower as its shoulders, its face a twisted parody of a hell beast. It flattened crown of bone gleamed under the feeble sunlight of northern Ivona as dangerous red eyes glowed and with a sniff, immediately smelled the amount of food that was in the ship—both alive and dead alike. Food. It and the family it had hadn’t eaten for so long already, and it certainly wasn’t going to let this chance of easy food slip by so quickly.

Throwing its head back, the beast roared out a cry that rumbled through the ship and the landscape around them, and only after a few moments of silence the beast was not alone—it had brought its family along, and with thunderous pounds of claws and talons, another two of the beasts roared as they leapt though the air with an eerie grace, each landed in a different position. One got to the back of the ship where the exhaust pipes for the engines were, while the other—most likely still a child—managed to squeeze into the inner parts of the ship due to its wide hallways.

Last but not least, the third one—quite obviously the leader of this group—unleashed havoc on the top deck itself, roaring out it signal to attack as it started to pound around the area. The beasts began their attack upon the Victoria II as they started to break though the metal hull that was preventing them from getting their next meal.

[OOC: And so with approval from Ran after modifications to the original idea, you all can has Yeti-fied Chocobo Eaters for sale! to come crashin' into the Victoria II's stakeout party. Its a lot smarter than their canon counterparts for one, and with longer legs its much more flexible too. Also it had white fur and gray parts instead of red and blue and it prefers to eat humans over chocobos because snow chocobos are almost extinct. :|

Anyway, there's three of these things attacking the vessel - one of the front/top deck, the second at the back where the turbines and engines and stuff are and the last is wrecking havoc in the hallways. There are no restrictions to how many muses are there for each eater, but please do note that all of them have the capacity to damage the ship one way or another regardless of size and intelligence. :D Players are free to mod the beast they are tackling as they desire, but just remember that they won't be so easy to take down, even if one of them's a child.

To put it simply, this log is going to work just like how the metal spider infestation thread did. Any question or concerns, either leave them as an OOC note in Kristoph's post here or contact me via AIM at SilverJUMPFan~]
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