THE SKY TIDES NPC JOURNAL (tidesnpc) wrote in theskytides,

It's just a question of ti~me [Open]

Characters: 4423 crew
Content: It's a race against time as the crew of the 4423 tries to pillage as much as it can before the ship plunges to its doom, or someone comes to ruin their fun...
Setting: Merchant ship near Kropmork
Time: Raidin' time
Warnings: none yet, but who knows.
Notes: Once again, you are free to form your own teams, but please limit them to three or four characters to make threads go faster. Three is preferable. NPCing of the merchant ship crew is allowed.

A barrage of gunfire hit the ship, sending splinters flying from its sides. The 4423 attacked the merchant ship's propellers, destroying them one by one, leaving the ship with only enough power to limp slowly away from its pursuers.

The pilots circled the ship, aiming for its masts. Eventually a crack could be heard as one of the masts split and flopped over, pulling the sail down with it. Now with the merchant ship at half its speed capacity, it was a sitting duck for the quick 4423.

The ship gave out a thunderous groan, as if it was signaling its own defeat. Now was the time to board, and the 4423 inched closer to allow its crew to pass onto the other ship's deck.
Tags: anko mitarashi, dimo, jenka, pip bernadette, shinji hirako, ≠ allen walker, ≠ cloud strife, ≠ katsushiro okamoto, ≠ ling yao / greed, ≠ maxim, ≠ muguruma kensei, ≠ naoto fuyumine, ≠ shimada kambei, ≠ utena tenjou, ≠ winry rockbell
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