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Prison Blues [Open]

Characters: Crew of the 4423
Content: The 4423 goes to Candyland! Oh whoops, no, it's prison.
Setting: Prison/Holding cells in Berum
Time: A little while after the 4423 makes port. Early afternoon.
Warnings: None yet, but perhaps some swearing? This is a good occasion to swear.
Notes: 3 or 4 to a thread/cell please! Also, if you can, try to rp with characters yours normally doesn't interact with. The guards do not discriminate based on friendship.

The guards' feet stomped in (near) time together as the led the group of prisoners across the courtyard, down the steps, and finally down the dark hallway. Their footsteps echoed off the walls, as did the footsteps of their prisoners.

Suddenly, the footsteps of the guards all stopped. They had reached their destination.

Along the walls were many holding cells, all around a size that would hold around three to four people. They were mostly barren, a cot or two in each, some with blankets, some not. The cells were underground, no windows to give them even a glance at the sky or the passage of time. The entire place was dark, lit only by the flashlights the guards carried or small lamps on some of the walls.

The guards began to open the cells, leading the prisoners inside to await their fate.
Tags: anko mitarashi, anthy himemiya, dimo, hiruma youichi, hiyori sarugaki, jenka, okita souji, penelo galbana, reno harkin, shinji hirako, ≠ alfred jones, ≠ allen walker, ≠ cloud strife, ≠ fai d. flowright, ≠ gorobei katayama, ≠ heihachi hayashida, ≠ hijikata toshizou, ≠ jotaro kujo, ≠ kefka palazzo, ≠ komachi, ≠ lavi, ≠ maxim, ≠ muguruma kensei, ≠ naoto fuyumine, ≠ noriaki kakyoin, ≠ shimada kambei, ≠ utena tenjou, ≠ winry rockbell, ≠ wolfgangina lalla getto, ≠ yojimbo mifune
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