Shinjiro Aragaki (adiosasshole) wrote in theskytides,
Shinjiro Aragaki

BFL: The Second Coming [OPEN]

Characters: Shinjiro Aragaki and the crew of the Silvana
Content: To celibrate their defeat of the pirate scum, Shinjiro cooks a big meal.
Setting: Mess Hall
Time: Dinner
Warnings: Planned and unplanned chaos~ Expect thread chrashing by shotas
Notes: Feel free to start threads amongst yourselves or with Shinjiro. 

It had been a long few hours for Shinjiro, and it showed. Oh, he had help. A good handful of people had shown up to take orders and cook with varying sucess. But even with all the hands (and Shinjiro DID hate having extra hands in the kitchen) he had to admit, it had turned out well. Food of various types was spread out on the tables, along with drinks.... including a nice array of booze. They had damn well earned it.

And once the last dish was set out, Shinjiro did what his knee had been screaming for him to do for hours. He sat his ass DOWN.
Tags: kurosaki isshin, nikolas kamarov, shinjiro aragaki, yoshiya "joshua" kiryu, ≠ agrias oaks, ≠ aizen sousuke, ≠ gwendal von voltaire, ≠ hikari glie, ≠ hitsugaya toshirou, ≠ kyouya hibari, ≠ mello, ≠ mystearica aura fende, ≠ rangiku matsumoto, ≠ the disreputable dog, ≠ toris laurinaitis
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