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Where were you last Friday night? [Open]

Characters: Any 4423 character who signed up here.
Content: Investigators interrogate the 4423 crew one by one.
Setting: Prison/Holding cells in Berum, interrogation room
Time: After they've all been in the cells for a while, but it's the same day. The investigations will likely be long and go on far into the night and early morning.
Warnings: Hmmm, possible violence?
Notes: One character and one investigator to a thread, please! If you have multiple muses on the 4423, please pick only one for this log. Thank you.

The room was cold and barren, much like the cells they had been confined to before. A light hung overhead, swaying to some draft that had wound its way into the hold.

It was your average set up. There was table in the middle of the room, slightly offset so the light from the hanging lamp shone mostly on one chair, the chair the prisoner would sit in. A few more chairs were scattered around the table.

A door opened, bringing the first of the prisoners. The prisoner was pushed down roughly into the chair by the guards, and they walked back out the door, leaving only the prisoner and the investigator behind.

The investigator sat down on the other side of the table, giving the prisoner a long, hard look.

The questioning had begun.
Tags: anko mitarashi, dimo, hiruma youichi, jenka, shinji hirako, ≠ fai d. flowright, ≠ hijikata toshizou, ≠ lavi, ≠ maxim, ≠ muguruma kensei, ≠ shimada kambei, ≠ wolfgangina lalla getto
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