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Time to celebrate! [OPEN TO ALL IN KROPMORK]

Characters: Some crew of the Winding Way, any and all visitors welcome
Content: Right on time for Amicus, the Winding Way has opened the Gunsmoke bar and eatery! Come in for a more subdued place to enjoy the holiday, with good food, drinks, and dancing!
Setting: The Winding Way, mostly the Gunsmoke bar and the stage, related threads taking place anywhere else on the ship are also welcome
Time: Amicus day, from 3 PM into the night/early morning
Warnings: Very likely to be alcohol consumption and some drunkenness, other warnings will be added as they appear

The grand opening of Gunsmoke would be happening very shortly, and everything was prepared for the first wave of customers. Amicus decorations were strewn all over the place, but mostly over the top deck, the flowery garlands and ribbons leading the way to the Gunsmoke bar.

The interior of the bar was spotless, in the warm colors of dark wood and faded gold. The bar in the middle was the main attraction for some, but there were plenty of tables clustered near the walls, and a small stage at the far end that had some tables directly in front for any customers that wanted the best view. The Amicus decorations here were far less gaudy than on the top deck, limited mostly to tasteful arrangements of flowers and candles on the tables.

From the top deck, there was also a decorated pathway that led visitors to the stage. Rather than being used for plays at the moment, it had been decorated as well, left available for the couples that would rather be dancing. The music here was set to rotate between a live band, of the Way's own musically-inclined crew, and radio music.

With all the other behind-the-scenes preparations ready - the kitchen on standby, the dumbwaiter working and functional, and even some crew members ready to act as bouncers - all there was left to do was wait for the customers to be lured in by the signs and posters that had been left in Kropmork advertising the bar.
Tags: kurosaki ichigo, naoto shirogane, ness lakehaven, pip bernadette, rikku dalabane, shinjiro aragaki, souji seta, yoshiya "joshua" kiryu, ≠ apollo justice, ≠ gwendal von voltaire, ≠ hikari glie, ≠ kyouya hibari, ≠ l lawliet, ≠ mystearica aura fende, ≠ ocelot, ≠ vash the stampede
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