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It's Like A Dream! [OPEN]

Characters: Crew of the Fiertia.
Content: A dramatic chase after some particularly petty pilferers.
Time: Afternoon, Amicus.
Setting: Middle of the fair grounds in Kropmork.
Warnings: Extreme fail, people running into everything, shenanigans, explosions, team fail, Seamstresses, and Kropmork.

The streets of Kropmork, not known for sanitation or ease of transport at the best of times, are congested, loud, and smell weirder than normal. The Carnival epicenter, however, makes the rest of the city look like a barren wasteland. The fair grounds are infested with people in various states of undress, Seamstresses hawking their wares and holiday rates, and thousands upon thousands of 'love'-themed street-side shops.

But, well, it is Amicus.

Not in style with the surrounding chaos, however, is a rapidly closing gap through the crowd, along which are toppled carts, battered people, and at least three rather disgruntled-looking chickens.

[ooc: THE CHASE BEGINS. The fair grounds are HUGE and stuffed with people - Team Fail shouldn't be too hard to follow, but, well, you'll have to deal with quite a few obstacles~ So, feel free to start where ever you'd like and go after that bounty!

And please, no more than four people per group.]

[NEW OOC PLEASE READ: The STUNNING CONCLUSION! thread is just that - the final confrontation with team fail. It is up to your team's leadery type if they made it there in time. If so, just jump on in! There will be regular NPCs posts, and they take precedence over most player threads - that is, if the NPCs and a player post at the same time, it would be super spiffy if the player back pedaled a bit. Let me know if there are questions~!]

Tags: grell sutcliff, naoto shirogane, pip bernadette, ≠ akihiko sanada, ≠ asch the bloody, ≠ ayumu "osaka" kasuga, ≠ coraline jones, ≠ etna, ≠ gilbert weillschmidt, ≠ jabu, ≠ ling yao / greed, ≠ shion sonozaki, ≠ yuri lowell
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