Miles Edgeworth (edge_of_honor) wrote in theskytides,
Miles Edgeworth

Sir! We have a problem! [Closed]

Characters: Manfred von Karma and Miles Edgeworth
Content: There's a few problems with the crew that von Karma needs to be informed of.
Setting: von Karma's quarters
Time: The day after Amicus, after Sasuke's journal entry (and after the checkup with Jade)
Warnings: Paranoid fanatical bastards.

Edgeworth took a deep breath, and raised his fist to knock on von Karma's door. He held a couple of dossiers in his bad hand (the less he moved his shoulder, the better), and while he was unable to bring his electronic journal with him, he was confident that the information he had on file and in his memory was enough. There was just one problem: he doubted that von Karma would be pleased by this information. While this wasn't the first time he acted as the bearer of bad news, it still left him ill at east.

Regardless, it needed to be done. von Karma knew to expect him, and all he had to do was to wait for permission to enter.
Tags: manfred von karma, miles edgeworth
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