Reno (electro_phoenix) wrote in theskytides,

We Need a Drink [4423 Only]

Characters: The crew on the 4423
Content: After going through hell, Reno offers to buy a round or two of booze for anyone on the ship who wants it. But only two.
Setting: A bar in Trewe
Time: Afternoon, evening, however long
Warning: Language, booze, and some pissy pirates

That was it. Reno needed a good, stiff drink. And his own booze just wasn't going to cut it.

Besides, it'd been awhile since he had good drink at a bar.

And usually, if Reno needed booze, some of the other alcohol drinkers on the ships needed booze. And rather than waste his booze on them, Reno decided he could afford a round or two for whoever wanted it from the ship.

He headed out for the nearest bar, EMR in its holster.

Tags: dimo, hiyori sarugaki, jenka, reno harkin, shinji hirako, ≠ fai d. flowright, ≠ muguruma kensei, ≠ zack fair
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