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It's a show, so don't cry your eyes away~ [OPEN]

Characters: The crew of the Winding Way
Content: A surprise attack by disguised puppets sets the ship into turmoil!
Time: Mid to late afternoon
Setting: Throughout the Winding Way
Warnings: Violence, please let us know if the severity goes above PG-13
Notes: The groups and their locations are here, go ahead and post with your group name in the subject line.

All in all, it started out like a normal day. The Winding Way was soaring through the skies as it headed towards Claiborne, and the typical work was being done to keep both the many people on board and the ship itself happy and functioning.

Then, at exactly 2 P.M., various members of the crew suddenly stopped in their tracks. Whatever they were doing was abandoned as they pulled out weapons, guns and knives and other more exotic things, one or two of them simply grabbing the nearest heavy object. They showed no signs of recognition as they turned on their own friends and co-workers, eyes glassy and faces blank except for a small, cruel smile.

The attack had begun, and it was only the first surprise of many.
Tags: daisukenojo "beat" bito, kimihiro watanuki, kurosaki ichigo, mimino kurumi, ness lakehaven, roxas orior, sophie hatter, zeetha, ≠ aeris gainsborough, ≠ hanatarou yamada, ≠ haruhi suzumiya, ≠ haruki emishi, ≠ l lawliet, ≠ laharl, ≠ lucas tazmily, ≠ momiji sohma, ≠ monkey d. luffy, ≠ ocelot, ≠ rhyme bito, ≠ ryoji mochizuki, ≠ shido fuyuki, ≠ sora visitae, ≠ tank girl, ≠ vash the stampede
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