Alex Rowe (maninthepicture) wrote in theskytides,
Alex Rowe

Tell me, do they still sing songs of the Great Tribble Hunt? [OPEN]

Characters: The Crew of the Silvana
Content: Oh shit, the Silvana has Tribbles!
Setting: Everywhere and anywhere on the Silvana
Time: While en route to Bellcius
Warnings: Extremely cute things within.

Alex didn't have to be on the bridge. He could very easily leave it to his officers. But the inside of his room had started to grow old after several days of angry sulking, and so he had decided to go up for some air.

'Up for air' in this case meaning to the bridge. He's a real barrel of fun, that Alex Rowe.

He's distracted from the ship's operations by something nudging his foot. He ignored it the first time, but then the second time he looked down and saw a small, orange ball of fur.

He picked it up. It was very cute. It also had no place in his bridge.

"Who does this belong to?" he demanded.

[OOC: Open log for the whole ship to have adorable tribble times! Bridge crew can join Alex in his wonderful adventures, or you can start a thread for your characters anywhere on board.]
Tags: shinjiro aragaki, ≠ alex rowe, ≠ bangladesh dupree, ≠ hikari glie, ≠ hinamori momo, ≠ hitsugaya toshirou, ≠ ishida ryuuken, ≠ john watson, ≠ kyouya hibari, ≠ mystearica aura fende, ≠ rangiku matsumoto, ≠ xiahou dun
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