Miles Edgeworth (edge_of_honor) wrote in theskytides,
Miles Edgeworth

A Matter of Trust [Closed]

Characters: Kitsu Chiri, Miles Edgeworth, Toshirou Hijikata, Sun Jian, Samual Vimes
Content: There's leaks and potential traitors on the Victoria II. Can the crew root them out?
Setting: Edgeworth's quarters, the VII
Time: Late morning/noon
Warnings: Plotting? Paranoia? Who knows!

Miles Edgeworth sat at his desk and thought over the situation. He glowered at the files and papers on his desk (all neatly arranged and ready for viewing) and gritted his teeth. One question was on his mind now: how could he have let those three slide by for so long? Nails dug into his skin as he clenched his hand into a fist, before he relaxed it. It didn't matter; they were dealing with it now. The only thing they could do was move forward and stop the current problem in its tracks.

Not only that, there was also the matter of Uchiha. Edgeworth furrowed his brow, and in an especially strong moment of self control, resisted the urge to slam his fist against the desk. He sighed, and waited for the others to arrive. The sooner they dealt with this, the better.
Tags: hijikata toshirou, miles edgeworth, ≠ kitsu chiri, ≠ samuel vimes, ≠ sun jian
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