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Miyo Takano

Spring cleaning~! [Open]

Characters: Anyone on the Vicky
Content: While the officers attend a super secret meeting with the first mate, Takano takes the opportunity to torture the crew politely ask the crew to tidy up the ship. Won't the Admiral be so happy~?
Setting: All of the Vicky. Yes. You will be cleaning all of it.
Time: Late morning/noon, same time as this log.
Warnings: Don't think you'll be slipping your way out of this one. Takano will find you~
Notes: General Vicky mingle log. Feel free to pick an area of the ship to have your characters clean! Or you can always have your characters try to hide. I'm sure Takano would be more than happy to come to their door and drag them out~~

Ah, spring. Reial was coming back to life. Little flowers sprung up around the walks, and the birds were beginning to sing. What a truly wonderful time. It almost put her heart at ease, though she knew spring was a fickle beast. It could change its tone in an instant, suddenly becoming an outpouring of rage from storm clouds above. Like on that day...

She scowled. It was a pure, unmasked scowl, the kind she would never show around her crewmates. She was the only one in the infirmary for now, so it made no difference.

Still, it was troublesome to think of such long ago memories, wasn't it? Spring was a time of happiness and rebirth. She was "reborn" once, when she became "Miyo." Rebirth. What a wonderful and horrible thing. If she had died and not been reborn, perhaps things would have been better.

No, no, she mustn't let such thoughts consume her. But there was one thought that lingered, a thought that made a smile come to her lips. Rebirth could be seen as "out with the old, in with the new" and what better way to embody this than through spring cleaning. And of course, what better was to do spring cleaning than to enlist the help of the crew? She, of course, would delegate. That was a hard enough job to do on its own that she wouldn't possibly be able to join in on the cleaning. Such a pity.

She quickly pulled out her journal and wrote off an entry to the first mate. She was sure the Admiral would be speechless once they were through. Whether that would be from happiness or anger she couldn't be sure, but she would be amused either way.
Tags: leo de alkirk, manfred von karma, millie thompson, phoenix wright, ≠ arthur kirkland, ≠ cao mengde, ≠ greta izura, ≠ miyo takano, ≠ sun ce
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