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L Lawliet (Ryuzaki Coil)

Yeah, you don't get to leave that easily. [Closed - Complete]

Characters: L Lawliet, Vash the Stampede (possible Ichigo cameo!)
Content: L drags his First Mate back to the Winding Way
Setting: Badlands, several miles west from the Winding Way's current location
Time: A few hours after L receives this
Warnings: Possible RST

His shoulder was still throbbing, his head was still pounding, he felt awful, and the knowledge that Vash was leaving the Winding Way was so burned into his mind that he was having trouble thinking about the fact that he should be resting and he shouldn't care if his First Mate was leaving. They had lost and gained so many crew members since he'd first become a passenger on the Winding Way that he could hardly count, but he cared that Vash had left. Even if he endangered the Way by being there, L wanted him back.

L had dismissed heading into the Badlands as predictable enough that Vash would have likely gone the other way and he and Ichigo had taken his ship out and run a few search patterns based on the maximum amount of time Vash could have been missing and had eventually located the red jacket and blond man who went with it attempting to hide out in a copse of gnarled and dehydrated trees.

The two of them had landed and, injuries be damned he hopped out of the small plane. He was one of the only people who understood Vash's situation on the ship and he was one of the few who might be able to use logic and reason to get him to return to the Winding Way.

"Vash!" His voice was his usual lazy, slow speech, just several times louder than usual. "Your resignation letter was insufficient."
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