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Why couldn't they harvest grain instead? Grain didn't try to KILL YOU [Open!]

Characters: 4423 crew
Content: The 4423 crew goes lightning harvest for some quick money. But will they survive the tumulus storm? Stay tuned for more "All my Loli's Pirates!"
Setting: Deck of the 4423. In the middle of a freaking storm.
Time: Lightning hunting tiem
Warnings: Probably swearing. THIS JOB SUCKS.
Notes: If you're the first person to start a thread for your group, please indicate it in the subject, such as "Station 2 - Mini Rod 1" or something similar, just so your fellow groupmates can find you! Groups are here for reference. If someone doesn't respond for over a day, feel free to skip their turn. NPC cues will be given at different intervals to alert you group to lightning strikes.

The storm was fast approaching the lone ship. No, it wasn't only that the storm was approaching, the ship was also rushing to meet it. What kind of fools would throw themselves into this peril?

A crew of pirates, of course. The ship continued toward the ominous clouds as a bolt shot from one cloud to another, as if warding them off. Despite this, the ship did not change its course.

Now the ship's crew began to rush out onto the deck, carrying various equipment with them, beginning to set it up. The conspicuous rod in the middle of the deck foreshadowed their goal.

It was time to hunt lightning.
Tags: anko mitarashi, badou nails, daisukenojo "beat" bito, dimo, jenka, okita souji, pip bernadette, reno harkin, ≠ allen walker, ≠ fai d. flowright, ≠ gorobei katayama, ≠ hijikata toshizou, ≠ katsushiro okamoto, ≠ lavi, ≠ ling yao / greed, ≠ matthew williams, ≠ muguruma kensei, ≠ shimada kambei, ≠ utena tenjou, ≠ zack fair
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