Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu (fallingjunkyard) wrote in theskytides,
Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu

[OPEN] And then they asked, what happens next?

Characters: Joshua, L and anyone else who wants to harass him/try and kick him off the ship/demand answers.
Content: Joshua finally manages to catch up to the Way after missing it twice. Now the question's whether he can get on it.
Setting: The Way.
Time: Almost a week after the Way arrives in Bydan.
Warnings: Still tagging slow! That means about one tag a day, two if you're very lucky (or I'm particularly procrastinatory)

Joshua was a little... concerned. That little trip to Claiborne had already drained his finances some, and he'd gained little from it other than a few more photographs of the landscape with his camera. He was glad about the unexpected detour to Melior his ride had taken, now that his earlier photographs had been developed. However, going from Claiborne to Bydan as well? Now he was really out of cash.

Nevermind what he'd heard about attacks on the Way.

Joshua wanted to know what happened, straight from the crew's mouth. He didn't put much trust in public news. He didn't put much trust in people either. Still, the more accounts of the event he heard, the better. He frowned when he saw the Way for himself, however. He'd never seen the ship so battered in the two plus years he'd been travelling on it. It was going to cost more than an arm and a leg to fix it, that was for sure. Those pirates must have been quite determined to take the ship, though the Way's chaotic crew must've been even more determined to repel them. Joshua privately hoped that even this kind of attack didn't dampen the crew's spirits.

And so he entered the Way, completely unaware of the posters and advisory from the Bellcius Intelligence Division regarding his apparent misdeeds that preceeded him.
Tags: ness lakehaven, rikku dalabane, sophie hatter, yoshiya "joshua" kiryu, ≠ l lawliet
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