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Sasuke Uchiha


Characters: Sasuke and Rou
Content: Arresting and questioning etc etc.
Setting: Sasuke's quarters and the brig on the Victoria II
Time: So very, very backdated. Um, I forget the timing exactly. But backdated. Did I mention backdated?
Warnings: TBA? Sasuke's kind of a jerk.


Sasuke lounged in his room, the small cramped quarters nothing more or less than he needed. His sword was propped up by the foot of his bed, his electronic journal on the desk. Since he was only a sub-lieutenant, he shared the room, but his shifts were different than his roommate--it was practically like having the place to himself.

For the moment he was reading, catching up on communications reports. It wasn't exactly that he was a diligent officer--he was a perfectionist, in his way, and he was anti-social enough not to mind using his off hours to work in. But he had other motives for keeping on top of things; there was always the slim chance he could catch a lead on Akatsuki, on his brother, and that, more than even Sasuke's pride or need to be the best at whatever he applied himself to, spurred the young man to keeping on top of things.

He had to admit it was boring, boring work to shift through communications; most of them were the same, mundane crap, but he did it, paid attention and read through each yawn-worthy log with the sort of obsessive, detail-oriented attentiveness he gave everything he considered worth his time.
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