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Bad Lands never got to play with his older brothers, so he ran off with his boyfriend, Falls. [Open]

Characters: Ivona, Vohemar, Bad Lands, Kropmork, demihumans, and a mayor Winding Way actors and anyone who wants to show up to watch!
Content: The Winding Way puts on some street plays to stir up interest for the Winding Way and to highlight certain political events of late. Let's hope all goes well!
Setting: Streets of Bydan
Time: daytime! Sometime in the afternoon, most likely.
Warnings: Tans everywhere.
Notes: You know the drill, guys! Post your teams to separate threads. Spectators, please make separate threads for play watching!

Alright! Haruhi was completely pumped. There hadn't been much time to practice for these plays, but she was confident that they could pull it off. They were they Winding Way, after all, and they would succeed or her name wasn't the Great Haruhi Suzumiya (Which, when you added in the "Great," wasn't actually her name, but details, details)! And if they couldn't? Well, they could always improvise!

She was quick to stake out a spot on the side of the street. Yup, this would definitely do for their play! Her particular play needed a section of the street, so this place was best. With that, Haruhi began to set up with the others.
Tags: dimo, hiyori sarugaki, jean dispar, jenka, kimihiro watanuki, kurosaki ichigo, mimino kurumi, reno harkin, sophie hatter, yoshiya "joshua" kiryu, zeetha, ≠ alfred jones, ≠ haruhi suzumiya, ≠ matthew williams, ≠ minazuki karen, ≠ muguruma kensei, ≠ ranulf, ≠ sakata gintoki, ≠ taiga fujimura
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