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The Prinny Squad v.s. The Fiertia Crew! [Open]

Characters: The Prinny Squad, Etna & The Fiertia Crew
Content: After escaping Etna's clutches, the four prinnies reek havoc upon the ship! It is up to the crew of the Fiertia to capture these little brats before Etna ends up accidentally denoting them.

Hurry guys! Save your ship!
Setting: The Fiertia
Time: Mid-Afternoon
Warnings: Dumb looking peg-legged penguins?, PG-13, minor violence

By now, four little prinnies were running throughout the ship looking more like chickens with their heads cut off than the penguins they resemble. They hurried out of the kitchen to get away from the evil chef who wanted to turn into today's meal. The four of them ended up splitting up during the chaos, each of them going their own separate ways.

Pizzicato [The Deck]

Pizzicato, the bright purple prinny, looked utterly bewildered as he scurried through the ship in search for a good hiding place. The prinny kept running until he made it to the top deck. Hoping that no one would find him here Pizzicato leaped behind some crates on the deck and hid there as best as he could. However, his bright purple, stubby tail peeking from behind the crate immediately gave away his location.

Warren [The Hallways]

Fleeing as fast as he could with his flipper-like wings waving in the air, Warren made it down the long hallway towards the storage closets. Searching for a empty closet to hide in, the prinny opened every door there only to see that each closet there is filled with junk. The poor prinny certainly doesn't seem as brave in person as he is over the journal.

Maybe Warren is just all talk and no action...

Jimmy [The Women Bathroom]

Rushing into the nearest bathroom stall, Jimmy had no idea that he accidentally fled into the "Women's Bathroom" aboard the ship. "Dood, these stalls look weird..." Jimmy mumbled to himself as he eyed the somewhat decorative bathroom. Shrugging off his surprise, the prinny ran into one of the stalls on the far left and hid in there. Hopping on top of the lid of the toilet, Jimmy curled up into a ball and hid there in hopes of no one finding him.

Silver [The Galley]

Rushing back into the galley after his daring escape from the kitchen, Silver dived underneath one of the nearby tables on the far right. He could have just kicked Warren and the others for making all that noise earlier upon Etna's journal. If they would have stayed silent and stopped squawking back at every person who talked to them, then maybe they wouldn't have been in this mess!

"Oh, dood..." Silver sighed. "Etna's gonna MAIM us for this one, dood." He could already his see his death by the hands of that fiendish demon woman.

(ooc: Okay, doods! Here is the scenario in a nutshell…

Pick a prinny you want to chase around, whether it’s Warren, Silver, Pizzicato or Jimmy and make a thread below with their name and the location within the title! Simple, no?

Feel free to do this in teams of characters against one prinny, the prinnies might fight back >3)
Tags: pip bernadette, sebastian michaelis, ≠ abe takaya, ≠ etna, ≠ kara "starbuck" thrace, ≠ kawakami bansai, ≠ luke fon fabre, ≠ near, ≠ shion sonozaki, ≠ yuri lowell
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