Roy Mustang (thewarisover) wrote in theskytides,
Roy Mustang


Characters: Roy Mustang (thewarisover and whoever is crazy enough to come with him. Oh, and Hijikata Toshirou (mayovice) by default, because it is in his office.
Content: Possible flirtation, but mostly Crazy.
Setting: Hijikata's office
Time: backdated to a day after this log and before the bombings.
Warnings: Roy Mustang. Nuff said.
Notes: Seriously, guys, go crazy here - you can set up games, you can bug each other, and you can poke me directly, although Roy will already be trolling whether you like it or not. XD

Roy Mustang had, once more, done the impossible:

He had successfully converted the office of the most difficult, most grumpy, most antisocial member of the Victoria II crew into a very warm and festive venue for a party.

The alchemist had pulled a lot of favors and more than a number of bribes to set up everything, from the decorations right down to the drinks and the people attending the actual event: he was moving around at that moment, chatting up whoever was willing, sidling into the conversations of those who weren't nearly as receptive and working his charm.

Surprising how a place like the Victoria II was capable of harboring an event this loose and fun, but that WAS the magic of persistence and sheer stubbornness, it seemed.
Tags: hijikata toshirou, leo de alkirk, ≠ agatsuma soubi, ≠ delita heiral, ≠ francis bonnefoy, ≠ greta izura, ≠ kamotaro itou, ≠ okita sougo, ≠ roy mustang
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