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[OPEN] Brave Vesperia, meet the Wild Geese.

Characters: Pip Bernadette (and Hanamura Yosuke by default since he's my muse as well) & OPEN to all of the Fiertia!
Content: Welcome to the headquarters of one of Reial's most (in)famous mercenary crew, the Wild Geese.
Setting: Wild Geese Headquarters, Garretstown.
Time: After the Fiertia docks, backdated to before joining with Way shenanigans.
Warnings: Just about whatever thought possible. These are two mercenary crews meeting, after all.

If anyone thought that the Wild Geese headquarters were going to be something extravagant and gaudy, then that person was dead wrong. In fact, extravagant and gaudy was the last thing that the notably run-down and desperately-in-need-of-a-renovation barracks would ever be. With harsh times and suspicions thrown everywhere, it had been hard enough for Pip himself to get a job, let alone for all of his crew. It could be almost considered a miracle that the base had managed to stay for so long already, but then Pip being Pip, it wasn't too much of a surprise that he had his own ways around situations like these.

Still, no matter how rundown the place was, there was still no place like home sweet home. As he walked down the familiar corridors, Pip found himself comforted by their nostalgic sights and the ruckus that his crew was currently causing in light of his return. Along with... other noises, from the other crew that he had to bring back with him. In retrospect, it hadn't been the best idea now that he thought about it, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

...he just hoped his base would be in one piece still by the end of all of this.

[OOC Notes: Alright, so this is pretty much a mingle log for all Fiertia peeps! Feel free to have them wander around just about anywhere - the base's equipped with all standard army stuff, from an armoury to training grounds and kitchens and toilets and bunks. Feel free to NPC members of the Wild Geese themselves as well! They're just about anyone (from human to demihuman to even nonhumans) you can imagine (Pip takes in anyone at all who's interested) and while they're all different, the things that bond them are their comradeship within the crew and their respect for Pip. If you have any questions, feel free to PM/IM me!]
Tags: hanamura yosuke, justin warrick, pip bernadette, sebastian michaelis, ≠ walter c. dornez
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