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Characters: Anyone who signed up for the Victoria II plot!
Setting: The outskirts of Calvacade, where The Manifesto is being held.
Time: The night before the execution
Warnings: Possible violence, swearing, and so on.
Notes: Instead of starting on the ship itself, the characters will be starting from outside the ship. Players can decide to approach ICly; grappling hooks and plane dropoffs are possible solutions, although finding other solutions is encouraged. This decision could have been made by the characters beforehand and discussed OOCly, or it can be decided ICly in the log. Further descriptions of the ship will be supplied the further characters go in.

The Manifesto wasn't exactly well-hidden, although... it probably would have been nearly impossible to hide it. It wasn't that the ship was big; it was of average size for a pirate ship. It was more that the ship was bright red and so clean that it sparkled.

There were some trees around the ship, but it was almost laughable to assume that they would conceal the ship. In fact, they'd probably provide more cover for anyone trying to sneak on said ship. There were a few pirates patrolling the deck, but other than that, there didn't appear to be any kind of serious security.
Tags: flynn scifo, hijikata toshirou, hisoka kurosaki, katsura kotaro, manfred von karma, miles edgeworth, rangiku matsumoto, ≠ larsa ferrinas solidor
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