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Characters: Everybody on Serenity who volunteered
Content: The crew goes to deliver some spare parts to a few Grinders! Nothing can possibly go wrong.
Where: An old warehouse in Abantiare
Time: Sometime in the afternoon
Warnings: Unwanted shenanigans.

It wasn't a long trip from the docks to the run down warehouse the Grinders called home, and soon enough they found themselves in front of an old, crumbling building. A loud knock on the thick, metal side entrance got the attention of one of the men inside, and after Mal announced their delivery was ready, the delivery crew and the mules were let inside.

The inside was filled with crates and old parts, piled haphazardly to the sides to create an impromptu work area in the center. There were about fifteen Grinders in all, both men and women, and all with changes to their body that blurred the line between flesh and machine. A couple lounged lazily against the opposite entrance while another welded a metal arm out of scrap, while most of the others busied themselves with sorting through boxes of spare parts. In the middle was a tall, muscled man with two automail arms and a dark gear tattooed on the back of his bald head who directed the workers.

He held up his hand as soon as Mal and the crew approached, and everybody stopped. They all stared while he cleared his throat and stepped forward.

"The parts," he said, "do you have them?"

"Course we do," Mal replied calmly. "Now the question is, do you have the money?"

Gearhead snorted, and said, "You'll see the money as soon as we see those parts."

Mal nodded, and directed the crew to start unloading, while two of the Grinders stepped forward to assist their leader.

[OOC: Just group up for now, so we get an idea of who's with who. There's four entrances and exits, to the north, south, east, and west; the Serenity crew came in through the east. Right now the delivery's being brought to the center, where most of the Grinders are. If you have any questions or comments, take them to the OOC post]
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