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The sky calls to us [open]

Characters: The crew of the Convoy
Content: Getting the ship back!
Setting: Vohemaro airspace, from the Fiertia to the Convoy
Time: Morning
Notes: There will be a thread for the super-advance party, but feel free to log the boarding, assuming Hex has already disabled the bigger guns. Those who board the Convoy are free to run into a couple of humans on the ship. If you want them NPC'd so you can fight or interrogate them, put a request in the subject line. Otherwise, feel free to assume they go down without too much trouble. They don't seem to be fighters, and there are less than ten of them total.

The river below was a glistening snake in the early morning sun. In the air above it, one ship pursued another. Like a wasp on a tarantula, a yellow hovercraft and its virus passenger would land on the Convoy, taking out its guns and halting its progress, allowing the Fiertia to pull up alongside it, close enough for her crew to swing across on the many boarding-ropes and grappling hooks that adorned the pirate bar. There were even a few light ladders that could be used without much difficulty. Anyone who wanted to board could board, but there would be no counterattack on the Fiertia today. In fact, at first glance, it didn't look like anyone was on board the Convoy...

Tags: bumblebee, gaara, hexadecimal, mimino kurumi, sam linnfer
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