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Hellooo, dear viewers, it's time for bad, springs? [open]

Characters: Anyone from the Convoy
Content: That's right, it's time for a hot springs episode!
Setting: The steamy springs in this scintillating city of sin
Time: After the Convoy lands
Warnings: Invasion of personal space. Awkwardness. A lot of naked. FANSERVICE GALORE.

Licere was well known for its hot springs, and boy did the Dōgo Bathhouse deliver. The public hot springs came in all kinds, from open air hot springs with screens or walls of bamboo, to indoor hot spring baths walled off from the other baths. They came in public and private varieties, the public being the much larger of the two types, but (to the disappointment of some) also gender segregated. All the hot springs contained a shower area for cleaning off dirt and grime before hopping into the spring itself, as well as towels and baskets nearby for clothing and such.

[ooc: Posts to here are automatically assumed in a public hot spring! If you want a ~*private*~ hot spring, be sure to say so in the subject line. Luckily, Isshin is in a completely different city and won't barge in on anyone this time. Probably.]
Tags: brooklyn, daisukenojo "beat" bito, erza scarlet, gaara, green oak, iroh, justin warrick, kimihiro watanuki, kurosaki ichigo, manfred pfirsich rommel, mimino kurumi, ness lakehaven, penelo galbana, rikku dalabane, sara werec, ulquiorra schiffer, utena tenjou, yoshiya "joshua" kiryu
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