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Art Through the Ages [open]

Characters: Anyone on the Amestris!
Content: It's art show time! Come look at the pretty paintings...and try not to let the artists ruin the experience for you.
Setting: The Grand Ballroom of the Amestris
Time: All through the art exhibition
Notes: There will be a thread for each art display; the artists will be walking around and may show up as NPCs. Feel free to start your own sub-threads under each display. General threads for mingling are absolutely welcome, too.

The glorious crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling of the main ballroom had been dimmed for the purposes of this exhibition. The shades on the long windows had been drawn, allowing the lamps positioned above each painting to stand out in the half-light, highlighting the works. Security was positioned at intervals around the room, and the various artists were wandering around.

...well, most of them. A difference engine was sitting on a three-legged metal stool next to Aye Celeromi's paintings; the elf himself was nowhere to be seen.

Visitors had already begun to arrive, their conversations respectfully quiet. The dim light and dull murmur of the visitors created a relaxing, contemplative atmosphere.
Tags: aileru alderliesten, hwang bu-ling, othar tryggvassen, phoenix wright, sanae hanekoma
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