Miles Edgeworth (edge_of_honor) wrote in theskytides,
Miles Edgeworth

Surprise, surprise

Characters: Miles Edgeworth and Hisoka Kurosaki
Content: Two old comrades touch base and inform the other about what's been going on in their corner of Reial
Setting: Upper deck of the Convoy; later on, Edgeworth's quarters
Time: After Hisoka and Souji land, before the drinking begins
Warnings: Possible mentions of traumatic events

Edgeworth was, to say the least, tense. He paced around the deck, his hand in his pocket, and looked up every few steps for signs of Hisoka Kurosaki. The former commander wasn't the sort of person who liked surprises in the best of circumstances, and the sudden appearance of his old junior officer and his cousin did little to help his all ready frayed nerves.

However, it couldn't be helped. Besides, if nothing else, this would provide some valuable information, and it would give him a chance to ask how they had fared over the past few months. There was one thing that worried him, though: neither he nor Iroh had heard news back from the messenger who had been sent to the Serenity...
Tags: hisoka kurosaki, miles edgeworth
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