Hexadecimal (so_many_moods) wrote in theskytides,

Warning: System Crash... [Open]

Characters: Hex and anyone on the Convoy who wants to check on her.
Content: Hex Infected the network, downloaded a whole bunch of info, and went offline. She'll be waking up soon to explain what she found out
Setting: Hex's quarters, Convoy
Time: After her post
Warnings: ...Crazy Lady? Now with Info!

Hexadecimal lay sprawled on her cabin floor, interfacing units still exposed and not sheathed within her fingers as they usually were. Her journal was nearby her outstretched hand. Scuzzy, being a catbot of only minimal intelligence, could do little to help or try to determine the problem. He was attempting to beep and click agitatedly into the journal, knowing very few could actually understand him. He was, after all, only a ball with a tail, which made typing difficult.

Drooping his tail, he gave up after a short chat with Bumblebee and a less than successful one with Milk, and moved beside his offlined mistress. Hopefully there would not be lasting damage from her most recent descent into Chaos.
Tags: hexadecimal, sam linnfer
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