Mirror!Deanna Troi (illhaveyourmind) wrote in theskytides,
Mirror!Deanna Troi

Do spiders smile? [Closed]

Characters: Ariane Emory and Deanna Troi
Content:  A continuation of their adventures after leaving Shasta, in which Deanna discusses the price of her assistance, and Ari linefaces.
Setting:  Deanna's quarters on the Amestris
Time: Immediately after this thread
Warnings: Mindgames, telepathy, general sadism and enjoyment of making people squirm. Girl on girl kisses and things.

It was with a calm, leisurely demeanor that Deanna led Ari down the public hall, onto the officer's deck and into her quarters. Deanna rushed through nothing, even when she was very eager indeed to continue their conversation. But the anticipation would make it all the sweeter for her... and all the more frustrating for Ari.

She was enjoying every flinch- both mental and otherwise- of Ari's as her own hand continued its little caresses. She smiled again, looking for all the world like only an innocent touch between two close friends. But they were not friends.

And it was far from innocent.

Arriving at her door, she gave Ari's hand a lingering pat, and moved it away. Sliding her keys out of a pocket in her skirt, she opened the door to her quarters. They were larger than those of the regular crew, larger even than those of the doctors'. Being a Quartermaster had some advantages, after all.

"After you, dear Ariane."
Tags: ariane emory, deanna troi
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