THE SKY TIDES NPC JOURNAL (tidesnpc) wrote in theskytides,

He said, stop what you're doing, get down on your knees [OPEN]

Characters: The crew of Serenity
Content: Rescue mission in a dock warehouse!
Setting: A warehouse on the outskirts of Bydan
Time: Evening
Warnings: Violence

From the outside, the warehouse looked totally unremarkable: a boring rectangular building with metal roof, set apart from its neighbours only by the short airstrip leading into a small hangar for one-or-two man aircraft. In a port district like this, though, even that wasn't so uncommon; All it meant was it needed extra space around it. Hence, it was out in the outskirts.

Once inside, though, its unique nature showed itself. For one thing, it contained an awful lot of guns. For another, the greater part of the warehouse floor was consumed with a massive Difference Engine server, a fantastic conglomoration of gears and machine parts. A variety of scientists and technicians moved around them and through them, monitoring its functions and performing maintenance. They were guarded by a number of armed guards at the entrances and on patrol
Tags: bangladesh dupree, dean winchester, dimo, hiruma youichi, hisoka kurosaki, kiryuu kaoru, zoë alleyne
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