Loki Laufeyjarson (putmeinstitches) wrote in theskytides,
Loki Laufeyjarson

I saved the world today; everybody's happy now, the bad thing's gone away [closed]

Characters: Sam Linnfer and Low Key Lyesmith
Content: GOD BATTLE. Or super-powered demihuman battle. Or something.
Setting: Outside of Garrettstown.
Time: Late afternoon, after the sky-snake's death.
Warnings: TBA

Low Key was nearly out of plans. His backup plan and backup-backup plans had all failed. Though he was stronger than he had been before thanks to the chaos of the explosions, Jormungandr, and the boy's blood, only one explosion had gone off, another son of his was dead, and he'd lost the boy. He was strong, but not strong enough to take on Wednesday.

Currently, his plan was to get the hell out of Garrettstown and lay low. Maybe he could get his hands on the boy again, or find some other way to increase his own power while hiding from the old man. However, leaving Garrettstown took priority over stealth, and besides, it wasn't likely there would be anyone important in the Badlands desert anyway. Low Key was flying east at a dead run. He could travel like this for hours at this level of power, going at a pace three times that of a normal human run. The late-afternoon sunlight was too-warm on his back.

He hated this time of year. Spring. Spring with its melting snow and its renewed sun just reminded him of all the symbolism that surrounded the one he had killed. Baldr was light, he was warmth after the cold of winter, and when the snow melted and dew appeared on the ground instead of frost, it was like everything was crying for him all over again.

But Low Key wouldn't. Not for him.

Tearing through the sky, over two hundred feet above the ground, the god was lost in his own thoughts. Half-formed plans, peppered with old memories, chased each other around his mind.
Tags: low key lyesmith, sam linnfer
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