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Monsters and children and...more monsters, oh my!

Characters: Everyone in the Badlands fighting!
Content: The Badlands is being attacked by monsters! And children!
Setting: Various places in the Badlands, plus the Convoy itself for gunners and powder monkeys
Notes: Remember, the Convoy and the Amestris are heading for the south, while Serenity is in the Garrettstown/mountains area. However, if you want your character to be in a different location than the rest of their ship, it's easy enough to handwave them hitching a ride to the area with another ship, or even coordinate it with a pilot. ALSO, individual locations will have threads in the comments. Feel free to start as many threads as you like under each one. Players are welcome to NPC the monsters themselves, but if you would like a mod to NPC them, don't hesitate to ask!

A gigantic snake threatening the entire continent was only the beginning of Reial's crisis. From the depths of the Badlands rose monsters that seemed more fitting for myths and legends than real life. Not just physically intimidating and possessing great strength, these monsters also possessed powerful magic, able to rain destruction from afar if they chose. Along with these behemoths came scores of lesser monsters, acting like warriors under their command. The masses started to advance towards the towns and cities, and it was clear that the "leaders" needed to be taken out in order to stop the attack. Every so often, the ground would shake slightly, as if Reial itself was shuddering in terror.

People fled in fear. They poured into the desert, unable to do anything other than wait for the destruction of their homes and wonder if they were doomed. Those that chose to stay and fight would have to give it their all. These monsters were no strangers to destruction, and there was little room for error. There were no second chances.
Tags: badou nails, dean winchester, erza scarlet, hisoka kurosaki, isa, joseph hojo, justin warrick, kiryuu kaoru, lea, luppi antenor, minato arisato, nack hayes, szayel apollo granz, ulquiorra schiffer, utena tenjou
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