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Let me have it all, let me have a battle on [Open]

Characters: Kaoru, not-very-conscious bodies, anyone in the Garrettstown area not otherwise occupied
Content: Maybe she had needed backup.
Setting: Just outside of Garrettstown
Time: About two hours after Kaoru first left Serenity in search of Bright
Warnings: NOT AS PLANNED, grievous bodily harm, Kaoru. Okay, listing characters as their own warnings is getting old after all these years, but come on. It's tradition by now.

It hurt.

This was going to need explaining, she thought, lying on the rough, sandy ground. Beside her lay a girl who, like her, must have been human once. They had about the same build, though Kaoru's head looked bigger just because of her hairstyle; the same unnatural skin tone, lacking in colour; the same eyes, with their shrunken pupils and the pale circles inside their irises. One was red, the other blue, even extending to the diamond-shaped crystals they wore around their necks. Both of those crystals had cracked in the fight, but that didn't really matter -- they'd just been decoys, things for a civilian uncomfortable with killing a child to shoot at in hopes that it was the source of their terrible power.

The fight. It had been with the girl lying next to her, at first. As they traded wind for moonlight and destruction for destruction, she listened to her counterpart talk about fate and destiny and pointlessness. Things Kaoru understood. Some of the few things she always had, part of a list best known for not including sympathy, social customs, or beds. Kaoru hesitated if only out of familiarity, but stood with the things she'd learned after a year and a half's absence. That the world was a good place. That it deserved to live. That they deserved to live.

Bright... had stopped. She seemed to finally come around. Maybe, she said, they could convince their handlers to change their minds. Bright had always been better with people. More respectful of their mission, more willing to branch out and try things where Kaoru hadn't cared one way or the other. Kaoru hadn't cared about the other children or the scientists, either, but with what Bright said, maybe... maybe it would work.

The first team would be easy to subdue if they disagreed. They'd always scored better than Solid since they could remember. And Void? Neither could ever remember even seeing him fight.

Which brought them to their current state, two children indistinguishable from the ones who were wreaking havoc on Garrettstown, one semi-conscious and one hopelessly passed out, both a bloody, dirty mess.

They probably should have thought better.
Tags: hisoka kurosaki, kiryuu kaoru, malcolm reynolds, zoë alleyne
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